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Head Lice
Dear Parents/ Guardians,
As the school year begins, we ask that you check your child weekly for head lice. Head lice is common in the fall months. Lice is not caused by dirty hair or unclean households, but by close proximity to other hair shafts where lice are already present.
The telltale sign of lice is itching, especially behind the ears, on the scalp, and at the nape of the neck. If you look closely at your child's head under a bright light, you may spot light brown, sesame seed-sized bugs darting around or, you may just see their eggs, called nits, clinging to the hair shaft close to the scalp. Most kids have only about 10 live lice on their head at any given time, but their scalp can be home to several hundred eggs.
If you discover any nits or live lice, please let us know at school so that we can make an extra effort to clean the surfaces in the classrooms after students leave for the day. The best way to prevent the spread is to share the news! Believe me, parents are grateful when other parents share the information rather than hiding it out of needless embarrassment.
If you need assistance or tips on getting rid of nits or live lice, the link below is to a short informational (and humorous) short video that discusses the use of both a chemical agent (like Nix or RID) once and a more natural and gentle product (Olive oil) every three days for a period of a month. The video also explains why heat (dryer, blower dryer, etc.) is your best friend and describes the cleaning process to prevent lice from re-infesting your home!
Parents will be contacted if live lice are present on a student’s scalp, however, we encourage you to check your child’s head frequently. 


Here are links to YouTube videos "Head Lice to Dead Lice" (Part 1 - Head Lice to Dead Lice) (Part 2 - 5 Step Battle Plan)

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