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Capital Levy 2025-2028

Chewelah School District will be aiming to pass a Capital levy for the voting year of 2024, for funds to be collected from 2025-2028. Please help support your local School District!

Proposed Projects for Capital Levy

This capital levy would fund improvements to facilities in the district, including:
  • Replace sidewalks at Gess Elementary
  • Re-pave parking lots at Gess Elementary School and Jenkins High School
  • Upgrade bleachers in east side of gym at Jenkins High School
  • Improvements at Snyder Field (restroom improvements, track surface maintenance)
See the headings below for some photos of existing facilities showing the need for improvements.

Cost Estimates

The cost for the EP&O and Capital Levies is based on your property's assessed value.
To check your property value you can consult the Stevens County Assessor web site:
See the Cost Projections section below to view the projected levy amount for the next few years.  These amounts are estimates based on estimates of changes to property values over the next few years.
To calculate your cost, divide your property's assessed value by 1000, then multiply it by the levy amount.
For example, for a property worth $250,000 you would multiple 250 by $0.24 (the levy amount for 2025), which would be $60.00 for the Capital Levy in 2025.

Cost Projections

The Board approved a resolution to request an Educational Programs & Operations Levy and a Capital Levy that will go before voters in February.  The chart below shows the historical levy rates and amounts for the Chewelah School District as well as estimates for the next four years if these levies are passed by voters.  If passed, the amounts won't change, but the rates will change based on changes in Assessed Value Growth Rate (AV Growth Rate).  The AV Growth Rates for 2025 through 2028 (shown in orange) are estimates.