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Board Vision:  Chewelah School District engages and empowers students and staff through rigorous, 21st Century learning in a safe, caring environment.

Chewelah School District believes all kids can learn, and acknowledges that students don’t all learn in the same way or at the same rate. Therefore, the District supports student achievement in two key ways:

The District delivers rigorous curriculum processes and supports 21st Century skills, which are aligned with Washington State standards. Rigorous learning challenges students’ thinking in new and interesting ways. This occurs when students are guided toward an understanding of fundamental ideas and are driven by curiosity to discover what they don’t know. 21st Century Skills are embedded in instructional and assessment practices and include:


  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving;
  • Creativity and Innovation Skills;
  • Collaboration, Teamwork, and Leadership;
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding;
  • Communication, Information, and Media Literacy;
  • Computing and Information Technology;
  • Career and Learning Self-Reliance


The District provides an environment for learning that is brain-compatible, one that uses research-based strategies and tactics of instruction aligned to how the brain is designed to learn. Teachers engage students with best practices for the discipline according to the age and developmental level of students, using strategies selected for alignment with Webb’s Depth of Knowledge. Teachers actively cultivate a “growth mindset,” so that students engage in self-reflection and take ownership of their learning and progress. Students construct meaning of concepts and ideas and develop skill sets, mindsets through 21st Century Habits of Mind which are modeled, expected, and supported during the teaching/learning process. Assessment is aligned with instruction to provide valid and meaningful feedback to students, parents, and other teachers in order to improve learning.


Board Responsibilities:

School directors work together to oversee the school district. As a board, their primary responsibilities are:


  • Hire, supervise and evaluate the superintendent
  • Set the vision, mission and strategic goals for the district
  • Review, revise and adopt policies
  • Establish and oversee the budget
  • Serve as community representatives
  • Monitor the district’s progress towards its goals
Board Regular Business Meetings are usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month and Board Work Sessions are usually held on the 1st Thursday of every month.  The meetings are open to the public.