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Greetings Chewelah,

Johann Goethe was an 18th century German poet and scientist who was recorded saying, “The way you see a child is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is who they will become.” I find this principle to be universal and timeless. Our children and our youth are our greatest treasures and a priceless investment.  This principle causes me to always remember as a parent of five children and as an educator, that how I treat others will make a difference. It is upon this foundational truth that I wish to be of service to the parents, students, and teachers of the Chewelah School District.
I have been on the job officially for only a few short weeks. I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful parents, students, and staff that I feel like I have been here before. Thank you all for the kind welcome.
I have been actively meeting with many parents, students, and staff these past few weeks. Aside from being overwhelmed (in a good way) I am very encouraged with the common desire to strengthen Chewelah Schools. There is a strong love for Chewelah, and I am excited to be a part of the future. I envision Chewelah schools to be a place where student learning is the main topic of discussion and focus of interest. So far, I have not been disappointed. I have enjoyed meeting and working with the Chewelah Board of Directors. Each one of the board of directors is clearly invested in seeing that the Chewelah School District communicates enthusiastically and openly to everyone about everything. What's more, they are passionate in delivering a sound education to all students that matches or exceeds expectations. 
Learning is a personal journey and Chewelah Schools will be the best tour guide for each child and young adult.  Personal journeys are the most long lasting and most respectful way a student can develop the skills they need; both academically and mentally. For example, to enjoy reading and to be a proficient reader one must read. Students can’t just be told, coerced, or taught how to read; they must do it. “Do it” is the personal journey all students must embark on consistently and throughout their years as a Gator, Raider, Cougar or Lynx.  The same personal journey is required to write persuasively or inspiringly. To develop problem solving skills from the simple things to the complex, each student must personally journey through math and science. Some skills such as courage, creativity, discipline, and innovation are best learned in athletics, clubs, or the arts. Regardless of the personal journey each individual student desires, I believe Chewelah Schools will make each student journey worth the price. 
Journeys take time to prepare and plan. As we transition into preparations and planning for this coming school year, I ask that you stay alert, provide feedback when asked, and stay informed and connected. The best journeys are those we take with friends and travel companions. I look forward to being your friend as we work together, struggle together, and celebrate together.  Let us remember that success is in the journey not the destination for when we arrive at our destination we are only prepared for the next journey.  “The journey is the reward.” - Steve Jobs


Jason Perrins, Superintendent

Chewelah School District

(509) 685-6800 ext. 1001