• Jenkins Junior/Senior High School

    Mailing Address  |  PO Box 138

    Physical Address  |  E. 702 Lincoln

    Chewelah, WA 99109

    (509) 685-6800, ext. 2002

    Fax:  (509) 935-9206

JJSHS Administration and Staff

Name Assignment E-Mail Extension
Shawn Anderson Principal sanderson@chewelahk12.us 2001
Erin Dell Assistant Principal edell@chewelahk12.us 2003
Shirley Baker Athletic Director sbaker@chewelahk12.us 3107
Sue Fisk 7-12 Counselor sfisk@chewelahk12.us 2010
Shawn Anderson CTE Director
Renee Whitley Building Secretary rwhitley@chewelahk12.us 2002
Carrie Sheppard ASB Bookkeeper csheppard@chewelahk12.us 2006
Vanessa Bigler Counseling Secretary/Registrar vbigler@chewelahk12.us 2011
Kassi Breiter Nurse kbreiter@chewelahk12.us 4015

JJSHS Faculty and Staff

Name Assignments E-Mail Phone Extension
Aubrey Markel CTE amarkel@chewelahk12.us 2102/2110
Tim Slater CTE tslater@chewelahk12.us 2115
Dennis Reilly CTE dreilly@chewelahk12.us 2121
Kia Lilley Fine Arts klilley@chewelahk12.us 2111
Maddie Kernan JH Language Arts mkernan@chewelahk12.us 3128
Dave Johnstone JH Math djohnstone@chewelahk12.us 3106
Ryan Forsberg JH Science rforsberg@chewelahk12.us 3103
Lonnie Hoxie JH Social Studies, PE lhoxie@chewelahk12.us 2104
Shirley Baker Language Arts sbaker@chewelahk12.us 3110
Kirsten French Language Arts, Dance kfrench@chewelahk12.us 2108
Rhonda Christian Library rchristian@chewelahk12.us 2200
Jennifer Watts Math jwatts@chewelahk12.us 2117
Tom Skok Math tskok@chewelahk12.us 2113
Chelsi Boswell Math cboswell@chewelahk12.us 2114
Joe Trudeau Music, History jtrudeau@chewelahk12.us 2100
Cameron Gump PE cgump@chewelahk12.us 2123
Jenny Youngblood Science jyoungblood@chewelahk12.us 2103
Ross Greenfield Science rgreenfield@chewelahk12.us 2118
Ed Anegon Social Studies eanegon@chewelahk12.us 2107
Brien Monasmith Spanish bmonasmith@chewelahk12.us 2130
Ryan Oltman Special Education roltman@chewelahk12.us 2101
Rosa Lehrbas Special Education rlehrbas@chewelahk12.us 2135
Bethany Bennetch Speech bbennetch@chewelahk12.us 4012
Sheryl Templeton Title stempleton@chewelahk12.us 4121
Kevin King Custodian kking@chewelahk12.us 3020
Lisa Burnell Custodian lburnell@chewelahk12.us
Ann Gilreath Paraeducator agilreath@chewelahk12.us
Betty Goetz Paraeducator bgoetz@chewelahk12.us
Geri Trudeau Paraeducator gtrudeau@chewelahk12.us
Heidi Wulczynski Paraeducator hwulczynski@chewelahk12.us
Jeannie Nelson Paraeducator jnelson@chewelahk12.us
Alan Lehman Paraeducator alehman@chewelahk12.us
Tim Thome Paraeducator tthome@chewelahk12.us