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    At Chewelah HomeLink, our mission is to support parents in the education of their children, and to provide an academic program that empowers students to be competent and successful life-long learners.
    At Chewelah HomeLink, we believe that all students can achieve excellence in a positive, challenging educational environment that stimulates their interests, channels their energies, and develops their skills and abilities through the support and partnership with parents.
    At the Chewelah HomeLink Program, we are committed to:
    • Providing parents and students with access to quality educational curriculum, resources, and tools that will facilitate learning.
    • Creating flexible programs that respect family schedules and choices
    • Sustaining meaningful partnerships with parents and the Chewelah School District
    • Working with parents to create an individualized learning plan that addresses the individual learning style of each student
    • Serving students and parents with respect and integrity
    • Providing educational guidance from qualified staff that have your student's best interests in mind
    • Acting professionally at all times
    • Creating a learning environment that is engaging, meaningful, and challenging
    • Equipping students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century by providing them with access to technology and skills necessary to be competitive in college and the workforce
    • Providing students with a safe, clean, and friendly learning environment


    Click the picture above to request more information about how we can serve the learning needs of your child. You will be directed to a survey questionnaire. After completing the survey, a qualified staff member will contact you within 48 hours to answer all questions you might have about our program.

    We feel that serving the parents of this community is our top priority and we want the opportunity to serve the parents and students of the Chewelah area and provide them with quality programs, innovative curriculum, and flexible scheduling to accommodate the changing needs for a changing economy.


    We have your convenience in mind when providing options. Because we value your advice and expect participation at various levels from parents, you will have a voice in the programming decisions that are made. Our Parent Partnership Program seeks to develop meaningful, working relationships with parents and families in a concerted effort to provide each student with the best possible education available. In an effort to serve the families of this community, we will create a HomeLink Advisory Board to aid in the selection of curriculum, organizing instructional opportunities, and recognizing student achievement. Any interested parents willing to serve in this capacity will have the opportunity to help shape the future of the Chewelah HomeLink program.

    We will keep your values and interests at the center of what we do. After all, parents are given the greatest gift and responsibility imaginable. To train, educate, and instill values that are essential for individual success and create meaningful learning opportunities is a noble task, and we want to support parents in helping their children reach their learning goals.
    The staff at Chewelah HomeLink is dedicated to making sure that every student's learning needs are met. The student will be assigned a teacher to work with in the designing and implementation of the student's individual learning plan and will work with parents in modifying and adjusting that plan as the school year progresses. Staff will also help select the right courses to meet your child's educational needs.

    teacher and student

    Personalized instruction with your future in mind makes for a winning combination.
    A small program like ours offers its students personalized attention. We are able to provide these unique experiences for students due to our commitment to maintaining low teacher-to-student ratios. That kind of personalized, community-oriented attention is hard to find in other homelink programs.
    We also want to provide parents with the incentive and flexibility of using funds through the use of a Student Allocation Fund. Each student enrolled at the Chewelah HomeLink Program has a curricular account where parents can use their discretionary funding to supplement and/or provide educational curriculum, resources, and tools for their children. This opportunity is competitive with all other HomeLink programs available in our area and allows parents the flexibility and creativity to design and implement individualized curriculum for their children. The process for accessing these funds is now easier than ever with online access to account balances and online fund request submission forms. Just another convenience we provide for our HomeLink families.
    Thursday, July 27, 2017
Last Modified on September 30, 2016