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    Welcome to my website! 
    A little bit about who I am.
    I was born and raised in Chewelah and think that it is a great place to live.  I have had the chance to live else where and that has only stenghtened my opinion about the community of Chewelah.  My wife and I lived in Savannah, GA for about four years while I was in military and even though I enjoyed the time I spent serving our country I really didn't want my kids growing up bouncing around from school to school.  Speaking of kids, my wife and I have three kids who are growing fast and I really enjoy watching them grow up, I only wish that they wouldn't do it so fast.
    I graduated from Gonzaga University in 1995 with a BA in Mathematics and a certificate in education and am currently attending Gonzaga University's grad. school to get my masters degree in leadership and my principal certification.
    Math courses that I teach
    Algebra I has a new look this year.  We have gone to a trimester schedule which has allowed us to add a section called Intro to Algebra and I think this is going to help our math students tremendously.  It is designed to review a few of the old math concepts that the kids haven't had a chance to use in a while before we jump into the Algebra I curriculum.  Parents and students alike should expect more work outside of class once we get into the algebra section of the course.
    Trigonometry/Precalculus is a college prep course that will make students think about math in areas they have not been exposed to up to this point.  There are a number of new areas to challenge the students and exand there depth of mathmatical concepts. 
    Coaching Responsibilities
    I really enjoy coaching throughout the year.  I am the head softball and an assistant basketball and football coach.  I have found the parents of our community to be very supportive of their kids and great fans who travel far and wide to watch their children participate in various athletic events.
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