Rick Linehan

From Superintendent Linehan

  • Our Mission:  Ensuring Learning for All Students

    Our goal at Chewelah Schools is to help all students succeed at each grade level and graduate from high school well prepared for the next level of their educational journey. To support all students, we are dedicated to the transformation of our district:

    • Provide best teaching practices and strategies for learning.

    • Move from teachers working in isolation towards collaborating and learning from each other using Professional Learning Communities.

    • Focus on teaching to challenging academic standards which supports ALL students’ academic success.

    • Move “one size fits all” programs to programs designed to fit the diverse learning needs of our students.

    Our staff is dedicated to making our schools exceptional places to learn. We believe we can ensure this by building supportive, positive relationships in a culture of academic excellence. All of us – including cafeteria workers, custodians, instructional assistants, transportation personnel, computer technicians, teachers, administrators, office personnel and other staff – are a team focused on supporting the continued academic growth of each student.

    We will continue to develop our team work for the academic success of all of our students. The success of our education system depends on our ability to nurture and build strong partnerships with businesses, families and community members. All of us together can prepare our students for their future.

    More than ever before, we are working to ensure success for every child in the Chewelah School District family. Welcome!


    Rick Linehan


    Chewelah School District

    (509) 685-6800 ext. 1001