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     class of 1959

    Front row:    (Faculty) Fred Merrill, Jean Merrill, Altamae Whitehill, Shirley Smith, and Pat Whitehill.

    Second row: Judy Cook Bean, Connie Day Bittick, Sharon Egger Tanner, Karyl Grimm Collinge, Gerry Ohler,

    Sandra Frizzell Schmidlkofer, Nancy Dashiell Miller, Richard Brady, Jerry Olin,

    Rodney Hafer, and John Lundquist.

    Third row: Gary Huguenin, Evelyn Tomsha Yearly, Barbara Cook Dashiell, Joanne Banks Brown,

    Carmen Lucas Machamer, Karen McMillan Schultz, Beth Abbott Overbay, Jerry Flyckt,

    Ralph Mowatt, and Larry Tadlock.

    Fourth row: Larry Morgan, Dave Young, Sylvia Salsman Fuller, Gary Bean, Bryce Koontz, Gary Rathbun,

    Russell Gusdal, Connie Thomas Bussard, Raymond McLean, Fred Phillips, John Johnson,

    and Darrel Kester.